Thank you to everyone who submitted.
Abstracts are currently under review.
Notifications will be sent out by the end of March.


  • Instructions for oral presentation

All speakers are required to check-in at the Speaker meeting room to download their presentation from the USB flash memory.

All speakers should arrive in the session meeting room at the latest 15-20 minutes before the start of the session (not the start of your presentation) in order to set up their presentation and meet the session chair. A representative from our staff, will be in the meeting room and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the technical equipment.

The following audio/visual equipment will be available in the meeting room:

1 – LCD projector
1 – Laptop computer (PC)
1 – Screen
1 – Laser pointer
1 – Speaker timer
1 – Podium microphone
1 – Aisle microphone

To each oral presentation has been allocated a time slot of 15 minutes, which includes 3 minutes for the discussion.

We encourage you to make wise and judicious use of your presentation time. It is a kindness and courtesy to the other speakers on the program and to the audience that each presentation does not exceed its allotted time. The session chairs have been instructed to terminate overrunning presentations in order to ensure that every presenter has the same amount of time. One bell will be rung in 12 minutes and speaker will be kindly asked to wrap up the presentation.

Make sure that your slides are readable, i.e., when preparing your presentation, use sufficient large font sizes (at least 20 pt), and avoid color combinations with poor contrast. Pay special attention to diagrams and graphics so that they appear readable.

Presentations should be either in Microsoft PowerPoint™ or Adobe PDF™ format, we recommend that you bring two copies of your presentation on a flash drive. If you have any audio associated with your presentation, please let us know in advance (info@els2018.eu). Please stay in the session from start to end, in case the attendees would like to discuss with you individually after the session.

  • Instructions for poster presentation

Size of poster is 70cm x 100cm (vertical format).  Poster can be coloured or black-and-white.

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